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Oh Gosh! I enjoy so much that season. Projects and ideas are blooming alongside with nature. I’m dazzled with very transient things…literally filling up my head with clichés pictures. To brighten my day I need to cook some spring basics and from moody I’m reborn ecstatic, head over heels again! with Marthe, my eldest we created both of us many things from April to May, an origami love birdhouse for an exhibition in Saint Quentin la Poterie, we had the clay birdhouse and decorated it from twigs, origami birds, ladybirds, butterflies and clay and  bird feathers . That project was fun! it came to us thanks to a friend from my daughter’s school who was involved in the process at that time! ;). Our garden looks so pretty at the moment that we couldn’t resist making flower headbands…

The other day, my lovely neighbour brought back a basket full of cherries from the fields just for us. How lucky we were! No need to bake, the perfect feeling of happiness in a bowl was there, and the kids and I started chewing the juicy berries in a batch of sun. La madeleine de proust is at work..; I close my eyes.

Still, the garden is all blossom now and through my window i was wondering what i could cook with darling purple chive flowers, an omelette was just fine: i could have lighten it doing a white omelette but the perspective of  fluffy tasty beaten eggs got me in the end: add some piment d’espelette, chopped chives and keep the flowers to garnish your plate: divine!

Asparagus has always sounded like a magic word for me, maybe because the french word isn’t that exotic…Slow cook some beets, add a poached egg,garlic bread, feta, avocado, gomasio and your mix will be perfect for a light dinner.

I’m still at work with the sewing… but it takes a lot of time. I’m too slow i reckon, i should really take some lessons.



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