Birthday girl – 6 years old-

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Unicorn party for my birthday girl! – horse version for the boys-

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Very simple to make: try to find some wooden sticks (it was an old baby crib for me) then you need A4 felt sheets of the colour of your choice .For 1 unicorn: 1 black sheet/ 1 purple sheet/ 2 pink sheets.

Use the pattern above and cut your pieces in your chosen colours, sew the ears first and next sew your parts joining the mane and horn inside. Then, stuff it and with a hot-glue gun, stick some parts of your fabric to the stick and finish sewing with a thick thread around the stick. I glued the eyes as well and because I am girly, I add a felt bow tie ( find a DIY on pinterest) and glued it too.

The theme, because I couldn’t decide which one Marthe really wanted… is unicorn and popsicles party…

For the pinata and birthday invites we followed a step-by-step from the book:Make my party, Lisa Gachet.  Sweet and wonderful ideas! thank you so much!

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