Interesting to do: that happened when I was on holidays: to create these flavoured pasta you need a great amount of time and a bottle of white wine for the cook! First time I used my pasta device to stretch the ravioli…Not that easy. I mixed 2 cups or so chestnut flour, some potatostarch and rice flour – about 2 tbsp each- 3 eggs 1 tbsp olive oil , a pinch of salt  and water. knead until even dough and add 1/2 tsp of water at a time, you don’t want a sticky dough. let it rest under plastic for 1  hour. roll it into 6 large pieces- Process the pasta into your device until extra thin. put some chestnut flour in between. Prepare the filling: make a broth with a 1 cup of favas, 1 cup of garden peas, , pinch of salt. some olive oil ,cook your artichokes into that broth. Sieve them and keep the broth to cook the ravioli and present your plates. Stir fry your artichokes with garlic for 5mn and add a small glass of sherry. Mix everything with fresh tarragon. Create your ravioli with the stuffing and cook them in your boiling broth for 5mn. Serve with a ladle of broth and some chili pepper threads. It was worth it. I reckon I finished the bottle while cooking…

Highly inspired from the snixykitchen and the bojon gourmet. Thanks ladies!


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