Easter feast

IMG_20150405_202826 IMG_20150405_203344

When our Easter meal turned out a real disaster…

I wanted it to be perfect , a family gathering around beautifully organized dishes, everyone on time…

In fact, Nicolas went out for a running event and competition…  and the kids and I went to celebrate Garrigues en fête on the Pont du Gard location where there were some kinds of live gigs and local market, circus events, nature focused workshops and so on…pleasant and worth it.

The only thing I cooked in advance were the desserts.

Chocolate bombs (I brushed  hot chocolate inside sphere moulds that i put in the freezer)that I later filled with thickened almond milk with cornstarch and 200g melted chocolate and 25 g sugar. Serve your bombs with frozen squared mango, drizzle with lime juice and chopped fresh mint.

The children ate strawberries, went fussy about the spheres…

When you want to create a special meal, first tip… don’t have fun with the kids outside if you don’t get any extra help, otherwise you’ll get short of time and make a mess with everything!



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