Let’s celebrate

2014-11-29 10.15.39-2

ingredients for a refreshing cocktail

To start with I prepared some ice cubes the day before by adding mint leaves and pomegranate to homemade lime flavoured still water.

I baked pecan scones ( for 20 scones)

140g bacon

55g butter

15cl milk

140g cheddar

250g flour

baking powder

60g pecan nuts

1tsp mustard

Mix your flour and baking powder; add chopped butter and mix it well with a fork; add grated cheddar, small chunks of grilled bacon, pecan and mustard, then add the milk without mixing the dough too smooth.

On a sheet of parchment paper (oven 200 degrees) create small scones and bake it for 10 mn.

I served them with a thinly chopped smoked salmon/ dill / lime and lemon zests/ crushed garlic/ thinly chopped shallots/ ginger/ mascarpone dip sauce.

I prepared some prawns in a wok with coriander, ginger, coconut and galanga flavoured salt, and lemon grass as finger food.

For my Pimm’s cocktail I used 1 cup of Pimms for 2 cups of lemonade. Add mint leaves, quarters of lime, lemon and orange plus some extra pomegranate seeds. Serve extra fresh with your OMG so cute ice cubes!

2014-11-29 10.20.15-2

pecan scones and cornbread

2014-11-29 10.39.04

cranberry sauce and salmon dip

The day before I did a cranberry sauce to go with the turkey: Cook 200 g of cranberries, add sugar to your taste, the zest of one organic orange and the juice of it, chopped dried apricots (8) ,nutmeg,1 clove, 1 star anise, until bubbling hot. Allow it to cool and serve with your roasted turkey (stuffed with garlic, a bunch of mixed herbs on a bed of chopped carrots. (I poured very regularly a mix of olive oil and maple syrup to caramelize the turkey.) and mashed sweet potatoes (salted butter and the juice of 1 lime+ ginger to twist the flavour).

I made cornbreads as well :

300g flour

150g corn starch

60g polenta

50g sugar

baking powder

50cl milk

3 eggs

225g melted butter

3 spring onions

1 tsp espelette pepper

half tsp salt

mix all the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients elsewhere . Pour little by little over the dry ones. Mix it well. Bake your corn  muffins for 35 mn 180 °

2014-11-28 15.47.48


for the sweet tooth here is the pumpkin pie recipe:a home-made short crust pastry base, jab it with a fork-put some weight over for the first 15 mn (bake it 30 mn until golden brown) then fill up  your pie to the edge with a pumpkin purée (700 g mashed pumpkin, 3 eggs 100 g brown sugar, 15 cl maple syrup, 35 cl almond cream, cinnamon, all-spices). Cook until it makes an orange crust- 35 mn / 180 °

allow it to cool ; you can beat 3 egg whites stiff with 50 g icing sugar , create a meringue decoration and bake it for 10 mn, and then 30 mn in your turned off oven.

Enjoy with a nice cup of coffee.



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