Guess who’s back????

Ouais…J’officialise mon grand retour en français, une fois n’est pas de coutume… J’avoue avoir déserté cette toile-ci pour des raisons existentielles. Vacuité et vanité de l’affaire; travail, famille, patrie 😉 Bref, j’ai 37ans; ne prends pas encore de cours d’oenologie ou de couture mais ne sais plus trop si continuer ici en vaut vraiment la peine. Alors,peut-être pour laisser une trace, pour rêver, pour tromper le temps, tenter de modestes geekeries toujours dans l’espoir de partager quelque chose…je me décide tout de même à cette bafouille et partage avec vous mes dernières pacotilles ( bonne et grande nouvelle: petite boutique à Uzès veut de moi, ici dans le coin- je suis amour!!!) Courez chez Cactus!! Ou laissez-moi un message ici!

Tissu Petitpan encollé et cousu main, petites perles vintage , handmade with love…

Pour le collier, liberty cousu machine sur un long lacet puis roulé et cousu main pour couture invisible: à enrouler en plusieurs rangs autour du cou; un très beau rendu.

2016-01-07 13.53.19

Oh oh oh : Jolies B.O !

A très vite par ici…2015-11-13 11.07.10



new designed creation /lamp and pencil holder

2015-08-01 11.34.23

I had an idea and a Habitat bulb…My husband and my father-in-law helped me in the making… You need the right tools or the result would be a disaster…

Have you ever used a chainsaw or just a saw? Well, I needed my man (!) to cut  my piece of wood from what I found in our garage… Then I bought some devices to fix on the drill…Hahaha! What a mess!

I went to my in-laws and Pierre had the right tool to pierce and drill different sized holes… then…electricity…I was helped as well… I ‘m pretty sure I could do it now on my own!

Stone Fruit Pie or the perfect summer treat

2015-07-19 17.30.08

gluten-free and dairy-free pie base: a mix of oat flour, rice flour and grounded almonds, (for 250 g) add a dash of olive oil, a dash of fresh water and a tbsp of sugar.

Then,garnish your tin and sprinkle with grounded hazelnut or almond, press your stone fruit down (here apricots, plums and peaches pieces), add  some blueberries and put in the oven for 15 mn – 200 degrees- then for the last 15 mn or so top with a can of coconut milk.

Amazingly tasty…

summer time

If you’ve been following me for a while you might have noticed that I posted on mojitos just when starting the blog.

Wandering through the net gates I ended up wondering about the art of doing …cocktails: mixology…

Emilie from Griottes blog offered a lovely competition to win a trip to New York: the aim is to promote the Calvados drinks.

Now, I created two drinks , a short and a long one, the Normandy and the Womanhattan, dedicated to New York and Normandie, both linked with Calvados.

Thirsty ones can read the recipes on my instagram profile 😉


2015-06-28 20.40.29

« Apéros » time is so « sacré » here in France… What a scorcher down here in Uzès, this is what a woman needs to get refreshed!!!

For the younger ones, getting refreshed took another dimension…

Blueberry and yoghurt popsicles:

You just need to mix 2 greek yoghurts with 1 tbsp of runny honey and do some blueberry jam: boil 1 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp lemon juice and 70 g blueberries. Let it set.

2015-06-28 13.03.20

Serves 4 popsicles and put in the freezer.